Collage: Stretched Limbs & Bulky Torsos

The small heads and long limbs of the figures in Gordon Wiebe’s collages identify his widely used work.The bold characters illustrate books, magazines, newspapers, journals and ad campaigns worldwide,  including the surface of a 25-story building in Taipei.

“His distinctive characters have elongated limbs and bulky patchwork torsos, combining geometric forms with naturalistic curves. Gordon’s work is both conceptually driven and capable of evoking emotions as diverse as whimsy, joy, melancholy, and drama.” – Artist Profile: Magnet Reps

Handshake - Business Week

The award-winning Toronto illustrator sometimes uses just the faces of his unique figures and splays them across vibrantly colored backgrounds in works that resemble pop art.

Bad Print Good Print - US Postal Service

Detail: Warmed and Humbled - Beyond Magazine

His collages feature many other styles.  But Wiebe is best know for the rubber-limbed figures he created.

Sleep Apnea - The Globe & Mail

Positively Charged - Selling Power

Missile Offense - Personal Work

Wiebe has recently caught major attention through the Fubon Art Festival, where his work was featured on the face of a 25-story skyscraper at the center of Taipei’s arts district. He was chosen as the headline artist of the prestigious event and his work was spun off into T-shirts, buttons and other memorabilia of the 2011 festival in July.

Wiebe - Featured artist at the Fubon Art Fair, Taipei

See more at Gordon Wiebe’s personal website.

See an extensive online gallery of Wiebe’s work here.

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  1. it is very cool imagery.

    i see the figures as sloths, the face shape, the elongated fingers even with the index finger or nail being the longest.

    thought it was meant to be a comment on social behaviour. can’t get over there’s no reference to this in any of the the write-ups!


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