Van Hove – Languid Femininity

French painter Francine Van Hove is well known for the transparent skin tones of her women subjects, which she paints exclusively, and always from life.

The expression of beauty, sensuality, femininity and freedom is the philosophy behind her work. Van Hove, represented by Galerie De Bellefeuille in Montreal, has long been in demand for her meticulously painted oils. She has worked in studio in Paris since 1964.

Her graphic and pictorial techniques are reminiscent of Italian Renaissance painters and Flemish painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. 

Her scenes communicate a kind of mystery beneath the apparent simplicity of everyday life. The women, unconcerned by their own beauty, reveal fragility in their languid femininity.

A catalogue of Van Hove works at Galerie De Bellefeuille here.

In Paris, Van Hove is also represented by Jean-Marie Oger


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