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Collected at the Border

These photo works came immediately to mind after news yesterday that President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau reached a deal to close a popular but unofficial Canadian border crossing used by 10s of thousands of refugees seeking asylum. (See news item here and here) Photographer Thomas Kiefer’s decade […]

The Immigrant: Your Name is Linda now

REPOSTED FROM THE ARCHIVES –  Whenever I see an immigration news story, I think of this poignant series by Rosemary Sloot, still such a relevant work about the overwhelming consequences of immigrating, no matter the time frame or the family. Rosemary Sloot was shocked when her mother confessed […]

Andy Warhol in Sweden

A premiere Andy Warhol exhibition features works shown for the first time at Moderna Museet Malmö. Titled Warhol 1968, it’s a unique collection of  album covers, his famous cow wallpaper, Ten-Foot Flowers and more.

Quick Hits: Fabergé for Easter

A Fabergé egg is an exquisite jewel made by the Russian House of Fabergé from 1885 to 1917.  Most were miniature eggs popular as gifts at Easter, worn on a neck chain (above).  The most famous eggs were larger, made for Alexander III and Nicholas II, often referred […]