The Sun Drenched Colors of the Tropics

Montreal artist Claire Desjardins emphasizes the bold colors of many years in the Caribbean,  producing “paintings alive with an unfettered sense of exploration and bliss.”  (Above:  Fructose – Acrylic on canvas – 60″ x 40″)

-Steeped in Tradition – Acrylic on canvas – 60″ x 48″

Propelled by the intricacies of colour and form, Desjardins creates masterful compositions that hide stories left to the viewer to write. The seduction takes place though a riot (sometimes just under the surface) of rich hues; a kernel of narrative peeps out, coy, between many textures and moods. –Sabine Modder

Adelaide -For a show through March, 2012 at Le Meridien Versailles, Montreal

-Namaste, from her  sold gallery .  Desjardins is an artist of considerable experience, and now also sells her work on Anthropologie (see end of post).

She worked as a graphic artist for many years and originally designed souvenirs for tourists in the Caribbean. That eventually became a business . . . and when she returned north,  her work was still quite figurative. It’s only been since about 2007 that she has ventured into the abstract. –Le Meridien Versailles, Montreal

Her story of how her work was picked for the Anthropologie website is well worth a read, full of excitement and explanatory details.  Click this link.

The artist’s blog: Studioworx

Her Facebook fan page

A review of one of her many recent shows: Ebb & Flow


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