Obscured Fragments of a Fairy Tale

This innovative work by Vancouver artist Kaveh Irani is a set of acrylic paintings on wood panel intended to be hung in the columns and rows shown above, to produce an installation showcasing traditional Persian art work.

The “Obscured Fragments of a Fairy Tale” series consists of 15 (10×10″) cropped images of a classic Iranian Miniature painting, originally painted by MirMusavvir (a Persian illustrator and painter, late 15th century).

The concept of this set is how a tale’s reading can be changed if only selected parts of that story is shown. It illustrates the unclear and manipulated image of the reality formed in people’s mind as the result of incomplete and selected information they receive every day. -Artist Statement

Kaveh Irani was born in Tehran, graduated in Iran in chemical engineering and worked in a variety of positions while continuing his art, including a famous installation with sculptor Bita Fayyazi, called Children of the Dark City.  He moved to Canada in 2008 and took further training at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Artist’s website, including bio, here.

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