William Forrestall’s Poetic Still Lifes

William Forrestall’s family art heritage underpins his poetic still life works, on exhibit beginning this weekend at Kinsman Robinson Galleries in Toronto.  (Above: Four Flowers in Blue, 23×31″)

Box O, Box O: Egg tempera on gessoed panel, 32×34, 2011

He is the son of renowned east coast artist Tom Forrestall.  The father’s art is classified as magic realism,  “an imprecise term used to describe the work of a coterie of east-coast Canadian painters who emerged after the Second World War, including Alex Colville and Christopher Pratt,” the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia notes.

William Forrestall has developed a unique perspective, says Paul Robinson, Director of  Kinsman Robinson.

William’s compositional and spacial relationships possess a poetic care and balance that one sees comparably in the still lifes by the Italian painter, Giorgio Morandi.  I believe that William’s artistic aim is to gently lead the viewer into his world of mysterious objects in a way which makes them worthy of careful consideration.

The exhibition opens Saturday (April 14) and runs through April 28, 2012.

Kinsman Robinson Galleries,  here.

More on William Forrestall, here.


There are 3 comments

  1. michellecfecit

    i like the feel of architecture
    but not so sure of the flowers.
    they have posture but i find they interrupt
    with the beauty of the simplicity.

    i love the last one you feature.
    a city in ruins on the mantlepiece!


    1. boomerontario

      Hi Michelle – That’s such an interesting comment, because I think a lot of people will also be “not so sure of the flowers.” Nevertheless, it’s a very compelling combination, and I agree with you about the architecture. I like the feel of the paintings and the colors, too.


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