Simon Laliberté: Poilu Paintbrushes

Time for some art whimsy. Montreal graphic designer Simon Laliberté makes these mustaches and goatees by combining two brushes inside his face-painted packaging. Some of the paintbrushes are dyed for variation.  See some of his other projects on Behance, here.  (If you don’t read French, ‘Poilu’ means hairy.)

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  1. Interesting stuff. I follow Wanderlust and she put me onto your blog. I am here in Shanghai and she told me about a gallery and gave me a link to see what it was all about. I went to the Magda Danyz this weekend to see the exhibit. I went to see the photos of the Shanghai Totems (bikes piled high) but found a few other very cool artisits and things. No time to post this weekend, so I shall talk about it and some of the art next weekend when I post. Hope you will check it out. CTB 😀


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