Art of Polymer Clay


This is one of Canadian Art Junkie’s all-time reader favourites, from the archives.

Montreal-based Raku Inoue is an artist, illustrator, sculptor and photographer who works in polymer clay to produce 3D illustrations, butterflies, masks and other stunning works. (Above, Below: Theatrical masks)

He does intriguing fantasy scenes.

His huge variety of butterflies are mounted in shadow boxes.

Detail from the wing of a larger butterfly

Love his caterpillars.

His illustrations are stunning (Seadragon, and Seadragon detail)

Born in suburban Tokyo in 1983, he spent his early childhood watching anime, reading manga and discovering living creatures, especially insects, which proliferate in Japan: “I believe that living in such a place, surrounded by a large variety of elements had a powerful influence on my creativity.” He immigrated to Canada when he was 9.

Raku Inoue is on Behance here

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  1. I am beyond awed…I appreciate your art and the absolute details that stand out, almost to the point that I feel like I could almost reach out and touch them.


  2. Thank you Joan for sharing my work! Your support is heart-warming.
    and of course, thanks to everyone who has commented!

    I realize that some of you has some question…I will try to answer them whenever I get a chance so if you have any other question, please do not hesitate!


    • Thank you so much for filling in a few of these answers. I’m so pleased to hear about a Montreal exhibition. I will watch for it, and I’d guess there will be others interested as well. I love taking the train to Montreal and wandering, browsing galleries and – now – coming to see your exhibition when it arrives.


  3. Whenever I see this sort of thing I think I should play with the process. So cool. I know I have some Fimo somewhere in my craft room. Hmmmmm… Thanks for sharing!


    • That’s a good point. I don’t know if he has a studio, or does exhibitions. I didn’t see any mention of that. It would be interesting to see them head-on, agreed.


      • I am currently working on my exhibition to take place here in Montreal. There is still a lot to do but I hope to exhibit by late next year….too much to do not enough time…story of my life…


      • How right you are, it has always been a passion for me and I have on many occasions picked up a board and tried my hand at painting… I think one needs to be born with a certain blessing to be able to do this type artistry… I end up by getting the most pathetic looking picture with no colour sense at all… and because of that I’ll stick to my camera…


  4. These are amazing pieces…I am not artistic so my appreciation of the skill is maybe a little over the top but I don’t care…this is just way too cool!!!


    • thanks for the kind words! always appreciated!

      being an artist is to give a certain value to what you do…you can be artistic by painting a beautiful piece on a canvas but you can also be artistic by doing something very normal like cooking a perfect sunny-side -up eggs in the morning….this is what my mentor taught me once…So anyone can be an artist! Just love what you do, what ever that is…and people will recognize your passion.


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