Mixed Media

Karen Schnepf: Color Outside the Lines

“Color outside the lines’ has been Karen Schnepf’s philosophy since childhood. Her wild, layered, abstract mixed media works are refreshingly unexpected, combining unusual elements in an array of colors.

“I thrive on the unexpected, which I have found is what happens when you take a basic principle and add a twist. As a child, I applied this philosophy to cooking with my father, concocting something completely original with ingredients you’d never dream could go together, and yet taste so wonderful. The same philosophy applies to my art today.” -Artist statement

The layered mixed media creations are Schnepf’s latest works, most of them done this summer.  But her whole body of work is abstract, and color infused, with the abstracts (like Remains of the Day, below) finished in several gloss coats that give them a sleek, contemporary feel.

Karen Schnepf, based in Omaha, Nebraska, has her website, here.

See more of her abstracts at these gallery websites:

Art Slant, where Schnepf was winner for Emerging Artist to Watch and Most Popular Emerging Artist, here.

Sharon Bliss Fine Art, here.

Dundee Gallery, here.

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  1. Thanks for including me on your blog! What a nice surprise! I got an email from an artist in Australia that I was being featured on your blog, I wasn’t aware of your site until then.I look forward to checking out your site daily and will send acquaintances there as well.

    Karen Schnepf


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