Mixed Media

Quick Hits: Vintage Hammocks

Paradise Island 96 x 48″ photo: AndyWainwright.com

Artist Martin Kline paints on actual canvas service hammocks, some dating back to WWII, that he’s  collected over the years. He mounts them on panels, then layers them with encaustic, collage and objects, such as fishing sinkers, ropes and nets that also go with leisure life.

The panels are charged with color, systems of patterns and textures, conjuring different notions and meaning in every viewer. Showcased alongside the paintings will be totems and baseball bats cast in bronze – objects that can also be associated with leisure, work, or even violence, Heather Gaudio Fine Art says in notes for the exhibition (to April 27)


Martin Kline, Secret Society (Detail) 96 x 48″

Tantric Dream (Detail) photo: AndyWainwright.com

Exhibition page, here.

Martin Kline website, here.

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