Public Art

Public Art: Floating Umbrellas

This wonderfully simple example of a stunning installation was posted on ArtRuby after photographer Patrícia Almeida spotted it in Portugal.  How does public art get any better than this? Beautiful.

See a similar streetscape art project on Canadian Art Junkie (landscape architect Claude Cormier’s canopy of pink balls strung over the main thoroughfare of Montreal for an arts festival)

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  1. I’ve done something similar to this with hand-painted Asian parasols. However I hung them upside down in a multi-linear arrangement, inside. What I like about these is the sun’s play thought the fabric and and tight color scheme.


  2. Just discovered the blog “Global Art Junkie” and this posting of an imaginative public art project in Portugal–which would certainly fit in Vancouver, in Yaletown perhaps?


  3. Today was a transition from a lovely writing retreat back to messy real life. I started the morning grouchy, but finding this made me smile. I’ve left it in a tab I’ve “consulted” throughout my day. I only wish I could trade seats with the man on the bench for a few hours!


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