Tracey Conley’s Abandoned Places

Hamilton-based Tracey Conley has an eye for abandoned things and places, and a knack for color. A web designer by occupation, photography is a hobby for the time being. She prints primarily on canvas, working with techniques to give the photographs a painted feel. (Above: Old Time Street Car / Below: Old Blue Two)

“I like to transform that which might be considered ugly into something beautiful, providing new life to those things which have otherwise been forgotten,” Conley says. (Below: Warehouse Scene)

Her nature shots (Moth on a String, for example) are compelling for color and composition.

-Maritime Trader at Pier 4, Hamilton

Above, Snow Day, winner of the 2012 EcoScene Film & Arts Festival photography competition in the Amateur category. It’s part of Conley’s work in the Art in the Workplace exhibit at McMaster University’s Innovation Park.

Tracey Conley’s website, here.

Her work on Flickr, here.

On 500px, here.

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  1. I love this kind of photography – it’s real and it’s out there and all it takes is someone who knows how to use a camera well to see it, frame it in the lens, call it out so everyone else can see it!


  2. Who would have thought that abandoned places and things could give such a strong romantic and adventurous feeling? Those images above give me an unexplainable ticklish feeling inside.
    It’s like when I saw a scene in an animation movie in which a cherry-blossom tree grew from underneath a wagon, creating a hole thru its roof, making it look like a house with a gigantic pink umbrella.
    Anyway, I love this post!


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