Cybèle Young: Bringing alive the mundane

Cybèle Young shows the elegance of the mundane in her miniature sculptural works, created from fine Japanese papers. The Toronto based artist  is critically acclaimed, including as an author and illustrator of children’s books.  She won the Governor General’s Award for illustration in 2011. She is on exhibition in  Paperspective at  Cambridge Galleries, from Sept.  22. (Above: It’s worth it This Time)

Through her sculptures, Young creates communities that interact and form new relationships, much like how the small, seemingly insignificant moments in our everyday lives can come together to create unexpected outcomes. – Exhibition Notes (Above: I Think I Have Everything / Below: I’m Still Looking)

(Above – Left: What’s the Reward?  Right: Is it May Already? ) This video is one of her stop motion animations.


Cybèle Young’s website, here.

More on the Governor General’s Award, here.

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