Erik Nieminen: Reflecting the city’s surfaces

Erik-AfternoonCoffeeAt first glance, Erik Nieminen’s works appear photographic, but the Montreal-trained artist is a contemporary realist painter who captures the reflections and mirrored surfaces of urban life. (Above: Afternoon Coffee, 72 x 96″)

Erik-taxi Working from hundreds of photographs, he pieces together scenes and strategically alters angles to create oils on canvas that are both real and surreal.  (Above: Taxi, 26 x 24 / Below: Human, 85 x 64″)

erik-humanNieminen’s art reflects his perspective on urban life: “I have always been fascinated by large cities. How do we understand ourselves, our identities in the context of the city? In some sense it is an out-of-body experience, dislocating our senses with a constant tour-de-force of sensations.” –Artist statement

Erik-RicochetAbove: Ricochet, 83 x 62″ / Below: Flow, 54 x 72″


Erik Nieminen was born in Ottawa, received his M.F.A. at Concordia University in Montréal and now is based in Berlin, Germany. He has exhibited works in Canada and Germany, and has received numerous awards including the Elizabeth Greenshields Award in 2011, presented to exceptional emerging artists.

His website is here.

Represented by Patrick Mikhail Gallery, here.

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