Category: Painting

Charlene Vickers – Earthly Delights

Charlene Vickers was thinking about Hieronymus Bosch when she wondered what an Anishnaabe Garden of Earthly Delights would look like. The video below shows how her thoughts played out. It’s an unusually informative and compelling inside glimpse at how a multi-disciplinary artist approaches work. Charlene Vickers, an Anishinaabe […]

Tiger vs Bear – Jeff Nachtigall

Animals have populated the work of Canadian artist Jeff Nachtigall for more than three decades. He’s on exhibition in Tiger vs Bear at Galerie Youn in Montreal from April 15 through June 3. (Above: Tiger Tiger, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 2023, 48×60”) In Nachtigall’s paintings, “the animal […]

Yellow Tiger Swallowtail

There are so many layers of meaning to Paul Morstad’s ultra-creative works. His drawings and paintings carry semi-fictional narratives built on natural science, mythology, musicology, rumours, hyperbole and folklore. (Above: Orphan Tsunami, 22 x 30″ Watercolour, 2022) Slate Fine Art has announced Yellow Tiger Swallowtail, a new Morstad […]

Danielle Lanteigne – Colourist

A self-described “colourist,” Danielle Lanteigne makes her lines vibrate. She is on exhibition later this month at Thompson Landry in Toronto. (Make sure you click to enlarge this image for a look at the technique.) Lanteigne transforms everyday objects into colorful compositions, reshaping the reality of the object, […]

Clifford George – Celebration

The studio paintings of renowned Newfoundland artist Clifford George come from onsite sketchbook drawings that map the layout of the land and the seascape of the places he visits. “The rockfaces form towers, seabirds and the ebb and flow of the tide are my symphony,” George says. “The […]

Lake of the Woods – Islands

What a fascinating project. Artist Randolph Parker and gallery owner Bill Mayberry spent five years scouting remote Lake of the Woods for inspirational sites, resulting in 220 paintings of islands in its maze of inlets and bays. They covered 2,800 km, there’s an interactive map of painting locations, and […]