Chris Temple: Three Cities

chris-temple-1Artist Chris Temple has three favorites: New York, Vienna and his native Toronto, all subjects for paintings at an exhibition held this month at Nicholas Metivier Gallery.  He focuses on the sharp angles that intersect with the “barriers and connectors” of an urban landscape – such as bridges and signposts.


“Whether it is daylight or dusk in Temple’s paintings, the shadows and light are always emphasized, articulating the carefully rendered architecture,” exhibition notes say. “The result is a quiet stillness that is often said to be evocative of the work of Edward Hopper or Christopher Pratt.” (Top: Vienna Crosscut 40″X 60″ oil on canvas / Above: Drive By Jesus 24″X 30″)


Temple’s art also zeroes in on the monumental (Above: Big Blue, NYC / Below: Wien Order, Vienna)


But he consistently pays tribute to more mundane structures such as factories and expressways.

chris-temple-modern-pastoralAbove: Modern Pastoral / Below: The Green Expressway


Three Cities exhibition at Nicholas Metivier (ended Feb 23), here.

Chris Temple’s Facebook, here.

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  1. I really like these. I love the angles and lines and the great colors. I also love that they are everyday images of urban life, what surrounds so many of us.


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