Mixed Media

‘Riddles you don’t need to solve’


Multidisciplinary artist Bruce Pashak creates art forms as playgrounds for the imagination. He calls them “riddles that you might try to puzzle out but never need to solve.” (Above: What Love Tells Me)


The Vancouver-based Pashak asks viewers to “feel their way through” his mixed media works. He ranges in style from painterly collages to finely rendered graphite drawings overlaid with pastiches of paint. He’s known for his sophisticated, graphic presence. (Above: Pan Awakes, Summer Marches In)

bruce3What the Flowers Tell Me


” I select imagery, words, colour, technology and material elements to spark a response and then another one and on and on until you feel contained within this cacophony of creative release,” Pashak says. (Above:: What the Angels Tell Me)


A Masters graduate of the University of Calgary, Bruce Pashak’s studio practice includes combinations of painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media work. Pashak also uses 3D technological devices and creates works by placing a large transparent plexiglass lens directly onto a specially printed version of an art image.

Bruce Pashak at Elliott Louis, here

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