Landscapes: Please hit ‘play’

Fenton-Pause Artist Mitchell Fenton channels today’s handheld video devices for his journey through Canadian landscapes. The technique enables viewers to imagine what adventure would take place if we were able to hit play. (Above: Pause, oil on panel, 12″ x 15″)

Fenton-LaCloche-MountainsHistorically, landscape painting was the main way the public could experience remote vistas. Now, through the magic of the Internet, anyone can find an iPhone or Go-Pro video of someone hiking through the Rockies. In Moving Pictures, at Toronto’s Alison Milne Gallery, Fenton engages with the notion of landscapes as seen through the lens of those same handheld devices. (Above: La Cloche Mountains, oil on panel, 12″ x 15″)

Fentonr-Georgian-Bay-Georgian Bay, oil on panel, 12″ x “15

FentonMitchell Fenton was born in Winnipeg, graduated from Ontario College of Art with a degree in Experimental Arts, an interdisciplinary field, splitting his time between sculpture and painting. He completed two major public art sculptures in Toronto, then has devoted his time to painting for the last 16 years. His love of the outdoors guides his work.

Mitchell Fenton at Alison Milne Gallery, here.

See more on his website, here.

And see his Not So Vintage Post Cards, here.



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  1. What a fabulous idea. I looked longer and really did imagine what might happen if I could press play. Love it!


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