Mixed Media

Fabio Coruzzi: Gritty cities

Fabio1Fabio Coruzzi’s gritty examinations of contemporary urban culture often include the imperfection, the ugliness, even the contamination, of city life. The texture of his work relies on mixed media – revealing layers both in the prints and in the scenes he captures. (Above: Keep Britain Tidy . . . screen print, oil pastels, acrylics, liquid ink pens, pencil, markers, on canvas)

FAbio2-Road Without Exit  (anarchy in UK) #2, Laser print, oil pastels, water colors, acrylic, liquid ink pens, pencil on paper

Fabio-Waiting for the bus in Vegas-Waiting for the bus in Vegas (Screen print, oil pastels, acrylics, water colors, ink pens, pencil on paper)

Fabio - The Social WorkerCoruzzi called this one The Social Worker because, well,  “….inspiration is like a social worker,” he writes. “People and the audience, give us patience, the strength to carry on, never quit. That is one of the many mirrors in which art can look at itself, without any shame or regret.”

Fabio - Geobond-Geobond, Screen print, oil pastels, acrylics, water colours, pen, markers, pencil on canvas.

Fabio Coruzzi’s website here.

His Facebook here.

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