Retrospective: Pat Fairhead at 90

The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto has just opened Pat Fairhead @90, a retrospective on the life work of this Muskoka-based artist. During decades of travel, she has captured the primeval majesty of the Arctic, the rhapsodic colours of Muskoka’s landscape and the hypnotic nature of Haida Gwaii.

It’s fascinating to have a chance to see the progression of style in an accomplished artist like Fairhead. Here is a small selection. (Top: Ontario Farmhouse with Dog, 8.5×11, watercolour & ink. 1960)

Trinity 9 20×24 watercolour

Wind Driven Sea Ice, 22×28, watercolour, 2009

The Don In September, 11×20, watercolour, 1999

Molten Crucible 22×30, watercolour, 1999

Vieues, Puerto Rico 7 8.5×12, Watercolour & Graphite Ink 1987

Pat Fairhead website, here.

Toronto Arts & Letters Club, here.

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