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VIDEO: Edward Burtynsky on Water

Canadian born international photo sensation Edward Burtynsky had his directorial debut at the Toronto International Film Festival for Watermark, and is just finished a major exhibition of the photography that goes with it at the New Orleans Museum of Art.  This trailer provides a fleeting glimpse of the […]

On In Calgary: How the Wind Blows

  Barbara Sutherland’s Slip – on through Feb. 24 in Calgary – explores the intangible form of the wind. She works with cloth and sculpture to help us understand how we feel the wind on skin, how we hear it and how we see it blowing objects. She’s at […]

Upcoming: New Jill Greenberg Show

Jill Greenberg returns to her original muse – the horse – at a show of her latest work opening Jan. 31 at O’Born Contemporary in Toronto.  “A perennial obsession now shared with her young daughter, the horse began to ignite in the artist consideration of how the bit, […]

Growing up Trans on the Prairies

  A National Film Board profile on transgender singer and songwriter Rae Spoon got good reviews at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.   There were four showings of “My Prairie Home” at the star-making Utah event, pleasing Spoon – who grew up isolated in an evangelical family.  She writes […]