Mixed Media

Kim-Lee Kho: The Heart as Art

Topsy-Turvy, 2018. Mixed media with collage, image transfer, acrylic on wood panel, 12” x 9”

How many ways can an artist examine a heart? Multidisciplinary artist Kim-Lee Kho can show you. In an ongoing series, she explores the human heart “as repository for emotions, as metaphor, as anatomical structure – using it as a gateway to what our hearts mean to us.”

Installation view, pigment prints at Cross-Breeds exhibition, Toronto, 2017

In A Full Heart, I use the anatomical structures of the heart as a gateway to exploring states of the human heart emotionally, poetically and metaphorically, which grew out of my interest in medical models and antique anatomical illustrations . . .  – from her artist statement

Head meets heart, 2017

Hea[r]t Pack, 2017. Photo-digital mixed media, pigment print on hot press paper. Edition of 3, 36” x 24”

More on the website of Kim-Lee Kho, here.

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