Mixed Media

Fabio Corruzi: Art & Poetry

EmPoWeRiNg, acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink, graphite on paper

Mixed media artist Fabio Corruzi was featured twice on The Art Junkie before (here) but there’s always something new to see in his colourful portfolio. He is now adding “poetry boxes” to the images on his site, as in the following two works.

Dress for Less, 2019

Corruzi appended this poetry box to the image, which is about sweatshops:

Factories are human
Sweatshops are not human
Profit is human
Greed is not human
Fashion is human
Brainwashing is not human
Safety is human
Exploitation is not human

Annihilation, 2019

Pragmatism is the new trend
what color is the coolest?
we are free
to choose appearances
without any doubt
and lie with education
politeness, formalities
one smile is worth the cage
one label is worth the job
live the life
give example
you got a quick choice:
drink the poison
or get the hell out
they are watching us

This is East London mate (Click the image to see the poem on Saatchi Art)

Born in Italy (1975), Fabio Corruzi is based in Los Angeles.

His website, here.

His Facebook, here.

On Saatchi Art, here

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