Quick Hits – Field Notes

A fascinating artist combination at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham opens this weekend with historic sketches from a Group of Seven icon together with animation and drawings by a contemporary Canadian artist.

The exhibition Field Notes brings together works by F. H. Varley with works by Toronto artist Winnie Truong. “Athough their bodies of work and approaches to art making are vastly different, both artists share a desire to engage with the natural world,” the gallery says.

Winnie Truong is a Toronto artist working with drawing and collage to explore ideas of identity, feminism, and fantasy along with a digital art and animation practice that includes public art and community engagement. 

F. H. Varley, who saw art as a spiritual vocation, was a founding member of the Group of Seven. (If you are not familiar with the Group of Seven, see this extensive feature on Canadian Art Junkie, here.)

Image Credits:

i) Winnie Truong, Like Forms with Undefined Ambitions, 2021, coloured pencils and cut paper collage, 104.8 cm x 74.93 cm. Courtesy of the artist and VivianeArt Gallery.

ii) F. H. Varley, Rose Stems, Creston, n.d., graphite, and charcoal on paper, 37.1 cm x 29.4 cm. Collection of the Varley Art Gallery of Markham. Deaccessioned from the Art Gallery of Ontario. Gift of Mrs. Donald McKay, 1979. 2020.04.269

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  1. Its a regret that I never visited the Varley while still living in Toronto — one of those visits you assumed you’d make some day, and then suddenly, oops, that option is no longer with you. Through the AGO I had some exposure to some of their thinking & always felt it must be an innovative place — I like what you’re showing us here. So thanks for the visit!

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