Art of the Beetle

Artist Daumante Stirbyte began creating delicate ceramic beetles after she arrived in Canada in 2017, moved into an older house and noticed “a few strange bugs getting inside.”

“Naturally, I googled them to find out what they are!” Stirbyte says. “Turns out they were brown marmorated stink bugs. This led to more research and exploration of the strange and wonderful world of insects. “

Stirbyte’s work is not limited to beetles (see her full portfolio here) and she is frequently on exhibition for her other whimsical ceramics, including her current show at The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery through May 21, 2023.

Currently represented by The Gardiner Museum in Toronto and The Benz Gallery in London, Ontario, Stirbyte works independently from her home studio in London, Ontario. “My work serves as a form of escapism – I’m not interested in replicating or portraying things that already exist. Clay gives me the freedom to create a universe of my own, a world full of strange things that perhaps don’t fit in anywhere else. 

Her work at the Benz Gallery, here.

Her CV here .

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