Category: Ceramics

Keeley Haftner – Artist’s Breath

Artist Keeley Haftner focuses on recycling by pulverizing works discarded by other artists to create material for new ceramics. She completes the circle by breathing “artist breath” into the finished works. Above: From the series Carbon Copies (Frances Whitehead), 2021. Unwanted ceramic sculpture by Whitehead, waste clay, artist’s […]

Ceramics: The Artifacts Series

From the Archives:  Republished because this series of works is a long-time favourite. See what you think.  Kenneth Baskin’s inspired mechanical objects are artifacts, derived from the advent of the industrial revolution.  The works may look like metal, but are almost entirely ceramic.  Baskin says our industrial roots […]

Art of the Beetle

Artist Daumante Stirbyte began creating delicate ceramic beetles after she arrived in Canada in 2017, moved into an older house and noticed “a few strange bugs getting inside.” “Naturally, I googled them to find out what they are!” Stirbyte says. “Turns out they were brown marmorated stink bugs. […]

Zelmer Peled: In Eden

Since I last posted about the exquisite porcelain works of Zemer Peled (here) she has created the series In Eden, 2018 (above). Her work is formed of thousands of shards of handcrafted porcelain, constructed into sculptures and installations.