Sketchbook Saturday

Sketchbook Saturday – Easter

So many ways to interpret the Easter season, all of them interesting sketches.

Egg Painting Before Easter, by Tazab

This tradition of people wearing outrageous bonnets and parading up and down 5th Ave has been going on for over a hundred years, says the artist who sketched this on location aross from St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC on Easter Sunday. These four had paper shopping bags and marshmallow peeps on their heads.

Artist Pat Southern-Pearce was on the way to a grocery store when there was a glimpse of this unexpected Easter Fair, the artist writes. “Did a double take. Almost crashed the car! What a gift. Lucky to get a parking space right in front of these and was entranced trying to catch the energies and atmosphere.”

Drawn in church by Sketchmarsh

Louise Digard was alone at a conference at Easter in Graz, Austria.

Also in Austria, artist Sarah J. Loecker, who is based there, says it’s traditional to decorate pussy willow branches with decorative eggs, “which serve as a stand-in for palm branches in this mountain climate. They are generally brought to church on Palm Sunday and often hung up on the wall or set in a corner for the rest of the year.”

From Sue Smith on Flickr

From illustrator Heegyum Kim

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