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Hinterlands – Mathew Borrett

Works by illustrator and special effects expert Mathew Borrett have a science-fiction sensibility and a touch of the surreal. He is about to open Hinterlands, a new exhibition at Red Head Gallery in Toronto (April 26 – May 20). I am a fan of his climate-change influenced, dystopian […]

The Book of Revelation’s 24 Elders

These 24 faces are Peter Olsen’s interpretation of the elders who figure in Revelation, the last book of the Bible, a description of Armageddon. It’s a distinctly different art work for the elders, usually portrayed traditionally, as they are described in the Bible, as dressed in white with […]

Surreal Animated Short Film about Hope

This short film by Andrea Malus came about because of her fascination with surrealism, her interest in symbols and the requirement that she produce her first animation for a course at Canada’s Sheridan College (often known as the Harvard of animation).  I generally love the theme, but it […]