Category: Photography

Xan Padron – Rainbow for Pride

I can’t think of a better work to celebrate Pride Month than this Rainbow image created by Xan Padrón, a New York–based photographer. Known for his Time Lapse photos, he selects a remote urban location with a distinctive background and captures individuals passing by the same spot. Padrón then […]

Legends – Barrie Wentzell

The Legends Series by Barrie Wentzell, shot in the decade spanning 1965 – 1975, straddled  one of the most important decades in the history of popular music and social change. (Above – Led Zeppelin, 1970) The exhibition, on through June 17 at Howard495 gallery in Vancouver, brings together 100 of […]

Hinterlands – Mathew Borrett

Works by illustrator and special effects expert Mathew Borrett have a science-fiction sensibility and a touch of the surreal. He is about to open Hinterlands, a new exhibition at Red Head Gallery in Toronto (April 26 – May 20). I am a fan of his climate-change influenced, dystopian […]

AI Image Dupes Prestige Awards

Veteran German photographer Boris Eldagsen, winner of a Sony World Photography Award, has refused to accept the prize after revealing the winning photo was created using an artificial intelligence image generator. Eldagsen acknowleges he was a “cheeky monkey” for the incident, but is hoping the controversy will spark […]

Last-chance Tourism – Sarah Palmer

In Wish You Were Here, Toronto-based photographer Sarah Palmer documents the world of “last-chance” cruise tourism, where passengers seek leisure time through voyages to destinations adversely affected by the climate crisis Printed in larger-than-life scale at Toronto’s waterfront-facing Donald D. Summerville Pools, Palmer’s photographs immerse viewers in the experience of […]

Breathtaking Bridge

There are times when a single image is so compelling it has to be shared, like this one. It’s by photographer Shaun Lowe, a shot of the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge at Halifax Harbour. This is the photographer whose image of a bright yellow canola field captured us […]