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Fiona Ackerman – Spring Fever

Multidisciplinary artist Fiona Ackerman opens today in a group show called Spring Fever, celebrating the coming of the new season in brilliant color, form and pattern. The Vancouver painter – whose practice also includes large-scale murals, video projections and other public art projects – says she develops “a […]

Blurring Figurative Lines

These are powerful narrative works from Prince Edward County artist Anthony Buttazzoni, who is currently prepping for an exhibition in Toronto next month. (Above: Summer Nostalgia, 2022) “His most recent body of work blurs the lines of what traditional figurative art should be,” says The Artist Project, where […]

Uninvited – Women Artists

On this, International Women’s Day, it’s worth noting that the National Gallery of Canada has put together a brilliant exhibition “challenging the notion of the quintessential Canadian artist.” The special exhibition, titled Uninvited: Canadian Women Artists In the Modern Moment, explores the diversity of women creators from coast […]

Concrete Canvas at Sopa

This work by rising Vancouver artist Tyler Toews is on exibition in a “one of a kind graffiti and urban-esque inspired show” at Sopa Fine Arts, attracting attention for its powerful artists. “Whether it be the playful works of @atomic_seaweed and @tmaccormac, the cubist-inspired work of @tylertoews, or […]

The Immigrant: Your Name is Linda now

REPOSTED FROM THE ARCHIVES –  Whenever I see an immigration news story, I think of this poignant series by Rosemary Sloot, still such a relevant work about the overwhelming consequences of immigrating, no matter the time frame or the family. Rosemary Sloot was shocked when her mother confessed […]

Béliveau – ‘Pictorial Archeology’

Quebec artist Paul Béliveau is a “pictorial archeologist,” who uses thousands of personal and historical photographs and mementos for his precisely rendered hyper realistic paintings. One focus that the artist steadily returns to is his depiction of books – book spines especially – some from his own book […]