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Queer Newfoundland Hockey

Lucas Morneau’s provocative Queer Newfoundland Hockey League (QNHL) proposes 14 fictional teams that reclaim, empower, and amplify LGBTQIA2S+ voices. The series playfully challenges the prevalence of homophobia and hyper-masculinity in the culture of team sports, the Kamloops Art Gallery says in notes for the exhibition (on through April). […]

Unboxing Treasures

It’s fascinating to watch this unpacking of works for a major exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, not something most of us will ever be involved in or even get to see. The exhibition Spain and the Hispanic World at the Royal Academy of Arts in London […]

Quick Hits – Field Notes

A fascinating artist combination at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham opens this weekend with historic sketches from a Group of Seven icon together with animation and drawings by a contemporary Canadian artist. The exhibition Field Notes brings together works by F. H. Varley with works by Toronto artist […]

Quick Hits – Her Flesh

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Her Flesh exhibition – on through March 23, 2023 – is an installation of 16 works from the gallery’s collection that invite visitors to “consider how modern and contemporary women artists have used their intimate knowledge of their own bodies to inform their […]

Julia deVille: Ghoulish or Genius?

Your instant reaction to the works of Australian artist Julia deVille may be that her be-jewelled taxidermy animals are deeply unsettling and macabre. Or, you may think her work is so freakishly beautiful it deserves the numerous contemporary art awards she receives.

Tiny House Artist Studios

The Tiny House movement has made it possible for many artists to find free-standing space right on their own property. True, not everyone has the opportunity to go this route, but shed-cabin style studios are filling a huge need.