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The Year of Picasso

More than 50 Picasso exhibitions are being offered worldwide in 2023, for the 50th anniversary of the master artist’s death at his home in Mougins in the south of France. Christie’s has created a very long list of these, here. There have been several posts about Picasso on […]

B.C. Art for – Metallica

Wondering why Metallica’s music video for their new album and film is posted here? It’s because the stunning environmentally themed imagery of Victoria artist Kelly Richardson is included in the video, produced for Metallica’s 72 Seasons, the title track on the American heavy metal band’s latest album.  Richardson, a visual arts professor at […]

Passover – William Kurelek

On this Passover evening, the McMichael Canadian Collection has posted this moving painting by renowned Canadian artist William Kurelek, called Doctor’s Family Celebrating Passover, 1975. McMichael recently brought the painting into its collection. The image comes from a suite of 16 paintings titled Jewish Life in Canada that […]

Ole Aakjær – Powerful women

Ole Aakjær is a Copenhagen-based, internationally-renowned watercolor and ink artist best known for large-format, highly symbolic works that celebrate the power of women. He’s on exhibition at Galerie LeRoyer in Toronto. Aakjær explores the feminine persona through the combination of watercolor, tattoo art, symbols and letters, inspired by […]

Looted Nazi Art Returned

A Toronto company that specializes in the recovery of valuable artworks looted from families in Europe during WWII is behind the return of a 19th Century painting to the heirs who rightfully own it. The Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University in the U.K. (above) has agreed to return […]

Malani – Crossing Boundaries

Nalini Malani: Crossing Boundaries, the first-ever Canadian solo exhibition by one of India’s most important contemporary artists, opens today at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases the powerful works of Malani, who has been addressing social inequalities and violence for more than 50 years, giving […]