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Gered Mankowitz: Vintage Stones

Veteran rock photographer Gered Mankowitz is on exhibit at Atlas Gallery in London through January, 2014, showing from his personal collection of 1,000 previously unseen vintage silver gelatin prints of the Rolling Stones. (Above: at Ormond Yard, London, in early 1965)

Nikola Savic : ‘Spaced-Out Machine Parts’

Serbian artist Nikola Savic stages his first major solo show in London with new works on steel, canvas & paper.  His color-blocked paintings are machine-like, reflecting computer graphics and Virtual Reality.  He is at the leading edge of the neo-formalist movement.  (Above: Of course no problem , 2011, acrylic on […]

Lizzie Vickery’s Photo Montages

Vancouver-born photo artist Lizzie Vickery does a wide variety of edgy work, including these engrossing montages. The London-based Ryerson University graduate also does exquisite miniatures (see those here). Lizzie Vickery’s website, here. These images are from Art Interiors, Toronto, here.

Banksy’s Olympic Images

Underground artist Banksy has created three memorable images for the London Summer Olympics, released on his website this week and sure to cause controversy — not just because authorities have clamped down on graffiti but also because of the nature of the images, as in child labor, above. […]

Tara Dougans: ‘And a Bee Sting’

The thing about Canadian-born, London-based Tara Dougans is that she’s so out there, it’s possible to miss her altogether.  But sites like Trendland have been following this edgy art director and illustrator for several years and she’s now a bit of a sensation. Her first short film, ‘Beware […]

Gary Taxali: On Exhibit in London

Canadian artist Gary Taxali, an internationally known contemporary illustrator, has his first UK solo show this month in an exhibition that “slickly reimagines 1930s art and iconography,”  The Outsiders gallery  says.  My Feelings Like You showcases Taxali’s  popular approach to modern culture, a style that has placed his […]