Tag: Mixed media

Michael Murray: A Knack for New Media

Glasgow-based Michael Murray works in digital mixed media – 3D modelling with photography and digital painting – to produce his crisply executed contemporary art. His new media work runs from stylish photo collages and abstracts to complex digital aerial scenes of real or conceptual locations. (Above: Glasgow Tenements)

Stev’nn Hall: Creative Destruction

Stev’nn Hall’s solo exhibition, Creative Destruction, at Toronto’s Muse Gallery showcases his photo-based landscape paintings.  The title reflects the characteristic of bodies of water – eroding and changing – and embraces his abstract cloud explosions. Creative Destruction is also a metaphor for how he creates the artwork – […]

First Nations Masks in RotoTiller Style

A bonnet made from lawnmower blades is part of Peter McFarlane’s heralded series of First Nation masks and head dresses created from used objects (chainsaws, shovels, rototiller blades and more).  Based in British Columbia, where he is represented by Pegasus Gallery, McFarlane is a sculptor, painter and installation […]

Mandy Stobo: ‘Bad Portraits’ & Mixed Media

Emerging artist Mandy Stobo has a double reputation. Her metier is these stunning street-art style mixed media works, which sell for up to $8,000. But she also has a skyrocketing business doing $100 “Bad Portraits,” garish watercolor paintings of basically anybody who asks.  (Above: I went to market […]