Mixed Media

Katja Van den Enden: The Sheen of Imagination

Katja Van den Enden’s mixed media works have the sheen of innovative artistry.  Strong technique, the creative fusion of acrylics & resin and imaginative themes that include cellular patterns are her hallmarks.

Connection, Acrylics/Resin, 12″x12″

Her works (literally) shine, to the point that Van den Enden says she has difficulty taking photographs.

I work with acrylics and resin to transform a minimalist painting into an almost three-dimensional, holographic image of multiple cellular patterns. I use resin in a painterly way, that invites the viewer in, wanting to touch the image and be part of it.  -Artist statement

Cy Too, acrylic and resin, 24 x 1 x 24 in

-Tangerine Dream, Mixed Media, 18″x36″

Spirit (You), Acrylic/Resin,18″x36″

Van den Enden has a new show in the Newmarket area north of Toronto through the end of April.

Katja Van den Enden’s website

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