Laura Mitrow’s Natural Structures

Artist Laura Mitrow’s works reference natural structures such as antlers, bone, corals, shells and crustaceans. Her abstract constructions bridge the organic and inorganic worlds and merge life with art.  (Above: From an exhibition at Art Mûr gallery in Montreal)

Abstracted Crustacean Study 2, Bronze, Patina

Organic Structure 5, Paper, Wire, Glue, Wood

Structural Evolution 1, Foam, Plaster, Paper

Abstracted Crustacean Study 1, Bronze, Patina.

Intricacy Performed, Paper, Wood, Glue, Wire / Below: Structural Evolution 1, Foam, Plaster, Paper

Laura Mitrow is part of the 8th edition of Fresh Paint / New Construction which unites 42 students from 11 Canadian universities in a cutting-edge exhibition of new work at Art Mûr gallery in Montreal.  Mitrow (University of Western Ontario) and the other artists were recommended by faculty members from each university, based on the quality and originality of their work. Laura Mitrow’s website & C.V. here

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  1. I’m an art student and I find thise cind of sculptures very interesting and they are a good inspiration


  2. I especially like the paper/wood/wire/glue sculptures that sort of twist and twirl. They seem organic, yet embellished beyond what nature might turn out, or maybe just what nature might do on a different scale (microscopic)?


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