Art of the Safety Vest

Belgian-born artist Anne-Mie Melis created this sculpture from reflective safety vests. Called “Sentinel (Flash Photography is Encouraged)” it was done for Rhod 2012, held at a mill in Melin Glonc, Wales, to foster dialogue between rural and urban artists. Her work explores the visual nature of plants and their role in an increasingly technological world.

“I responded to the safety accessories present on the building site of Melin Glonc. It hints to our concerns for the environment and how we relate to nature. It reflects on our increasingly collective desire for insurance against genuine and manipulated threats  Visitors are encouraged to use flash photography to picture this work.” -From the artist’s statement.

Melis, based in Cardiff, also recreated a previous installation – Are Your Petunias Actually Transgenic? – on the ground floor of the mill, using discarded wood and tree trunks from the grounds of Melin Glonc.

The petunia installation emerged from collaborating with plant scientists at Cardiff School of Biosciences and Radboud University in The Netherlands.

Anne-Mie Melis blog, here.

Rhod Website, here.

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