Illustration: Robert Carter


Like many well known Canadian illustrators, Robert Carter sends a lot of  work south of the border, to clients that range from American Airlines to the Harvard Business Review. This image was for a Los Angeles Times piece on the growing number of average American families who end up on bread lines.

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  1. HI Ronald – What an interesting question. You’re lucky to have the original illustrations. He’s such a good artist. I’m afraid I don’t know where or how his art has been auctioned in the past,but all artists of his stature are represented by agents or galleries or both. I suggest you contact him via his website at and simply ask for the name of his agent. His phone and email are public, also on the site. Good luck and thanks for visiting this site.


  2. I am a fine Art Appraiser..I have many of Robert Carters Original Acrylic Illustrations..I would like to sell them..My question is where can I find Auction records on Carters past works?…My E-mail is


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