Video: Danny Gregory’s The Art of Breakfast


This short film is a watercolor delight. Artist and designer Danny Gregory is currently best known for his new graphic-style memoir (A Kiss Before You Go) about grief on the loss of his wife.  But he is one of those artists whose body of work and powerful creative presence have touched a great many people over a long period of time.  You are likely most familiar with his marquee book – An Illustrated Life. See more on his website, here.


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  1. Thanks Danny, always inspirational and charming.
    What a guy…Love that Jack T was the videographer too. .I go way back to the beginning with you and love to watch….Carole JOY


  2. This blog totally rocks! I really love the process and the product here and the fact that it comes from something so simple that we all do every day – eat breakfast (or we should eat breakfast). I love the filming as well and the music. This is just a little gem of a movie. The eyes look, the pen translates. I was married to an art teacher and he always kept visual journals. My four children do the same today to varying effect. I have tried, but I lean more toward the words than the art, though I scribble and doodle all the time. Just lovely! Now off to explore the Kiss book . . .


  3. Creating art without apparent purpose can only be evaluated by the person who emotionally put pen/brush/pencil to paper and truly enjoyed the whole process, people who comment on it adds to the whole experience.


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