Tristram Lansdowne: Defaced & Derelict

From the reality of the inner city to the imaginary and fantastical, Tristram Lansdowne’s art emerges with surgical precision.  Represented by LE Gallery in Toronto, his delicately painted watercolours depict incongruous, sometimes mysterious, structures.

I’m drawn to the areas of cities that are on the fringe, in-between zones, say between an industrial park and a housing development. They can be very haunting, and in a way the paintings come from a childlike desire to explore hidden worlds. -From an interview with Arrested Motion

Retreat - 49.5 x 41

Lansdowne is known for “idealizing the physical world, drawing particular inspiration from 19th century landscape traditions, 20th century architectural propositions and natural history illustration,” LE Gallery says.


Hamburg Cultural Centre

Fence - Construction Yard

Biography of Tristram Lansdowne here

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    • Thanks for stopping by. Love your art. (BTW, I know Holt, Michigan. My favorite great-aunt lived in Grand Ledge and I had many outings in and around that area as a child)


  1. Hi,
    Very unusual paintings, I especially like Hamburg Cultural Centre, the way it is painted with the “reflections” it gives it a surreal look.


    • Thanks for the comment. If you click on any of his images, you’ll be taken to a gallery of more of his work – some of it quite a bit more surreal. I’m so interested to see where’s he’s going to take all this in the future.


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