Apocalypse Art

Pablo Genovés: Images of Catastrophe

Cronología del ruido (Noise Chronology) is Pablo Genovés’ new show at the Galería Pilar Serra in Madrid, building on his previous series, (Precipitados) Time’s Alchemy.

In his images of catastrophe, “destruction transgresses the laws of time and establishes its own chronology. The symbols and fictions of our culture apparently succumb in the face of the eruption of the untamable: mechanical natures, monumental in their disproportion and now out of all control. –Lucía Carballal

Disaster appears to have struck some time ago, destroying life, leaving only a “representation: its appearance, its shape and its reflections but no humanity. Museums, theaters or churches – are revealed as enormous apparatuses of engineering: machines for the generation of myths which when cracked show their steel innards.”

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