Mixed Media

Andrew Briggs: A People’s Choice

Andrew Briggs‘ widely varied art work won him a People’s Choice award at the Toronto Artist Project earlier this month.  From schematic style architecture to celebrities, Briggs works on canvas and glass. He learned screen printing while working at a commercial printer’s.  (Above: Madonna, 48 x 48″ on canvas)

 -Alley, 8 x 10,” wood panel

From an early age I have been interested in how subject matter can be distorted. As an artist I can see images as layers of colours… as puzzle pieces that can be separated, lifted, shifted and removed entirely. –Artist Statement

The Lion’s Gate (above: 30 x 60,” screen print on canvas) is from Briggs’ hometown of Vancouver, and represents the work he describes as “framework”  or infrastructure art.   He also does this style on glass (below, from the Main Street & 16th Series, 36 x 48″)

Through my art, I hope to invoke a past memory, desire or a feeling of connection. My love of painting famous individuals and infrastructure is tied to this and how we somehow feel close to people and places that exist in a world outside our own.

Andrew Briggs website, here

Toronto Artist Project profile, here

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