Through the Shredder: Scribbled Line People

The Scribbled Line Portraits of illustrator Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church are featured at the Toronto edition of FITC 2012 in a workshop on how the pair produced the stunning digital photography innovation.

The series showing shredded human bodies integrated 3D and programming for a project with a three-day deadline while the two were at the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ito and Church “put their models through the shredder” using a custom Flash drawing tool, HDR lighting, Cinema4D and Photoshop.

The project began as a class assignment and grew into a fully realized series which won an Adobe Design Achievement Award and has been featured in 3D World Magazine and Communication Arts Magazine.

Ayaka Ito, website here.

Randy Church, website here.

A post from DesignBoom with more technical detail on the process, here.


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  1. boomerontario

    No formal submission process. You can message me on Twitter and I’ll send you my email, or you can chat with me on the About page, or you can just send me to a link, or leave a suggestion on one of the posts. I’m interested in hearing about anything that’s Canadian or on exhibit in Canada.


    1. boomerontario

      Good point about the collaboration. The most striking thing to me is the short time frame for the innovation, given that it was a brief school assignment, but I gather they kept right on innovating afterward. Thanks for your comments.


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