Agnes-Cecile’s Watercolor Speed Painting

Conspiracy of Silence‘ by Agnes-Cecile (Silvia Pelissero) is just one of dozens of luscious watercolors the Italian artist is known for.  Take a look at this fascinating speed-painting she completed in 90 minutes as part of  the 1000drawings project.

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    • True, the painting is very realistic, even though there’s a bit of abstract to it. I’m with you on the video. It’s wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  1. She is absolutely amazing. I just can’t imagine how she can keep such an image in her head and compose it so fluently. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more.


  2. Wow! So many things I love about it! 1. The watercolour technique – so subtle and so difficult (I never know how to use it), reminds me of Chinese painting (you have to be quick and once it’s on the paper, you can’t just paint over it like in oil painting)
    2. portrait painting – an art I feel is largely forgotten in the era of abstract art (I don’t have anything against abstraction, but I dislike the approach of many abstract artists to portraits: as if it was beneath them to paint people and abstract art was somehow more meaningful)。Thanks heaps, this is great!


    • You’re so welcome oolung. That’s an interesting perspective you’re expressing. I know what you mean about portrait painting, which is of course one of the reasons she is so appealing. Thank you for taking the time to leave those comments.


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