Delorme: Manipulated Totems

French photographer Alain Delorme is a rising star, someone to watch closely. He was selected for the prestigious West Collection, picked as one of only 7 international artists to be featured in an exhibition from an online competition that attracted 2,650 artists from 80 countries.

These images are from his Totem series about couriers in Shanghai, overloaded with stacks of goods that create a form of sculpture.  An exhibit is just ending at Galerie Cédric Bacqueville. The photos are art, not documentary, Delorme says, and were retouched to “create a feeling of strangeness.” (See interview about the series here)

Alain Delorme’s website, here.

A new exhibit of Totem runs through June in Shanghai, see here.

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  1. There are so many of these trike and bike riders in Shanghai and the riders themselves should in my opinion be given a award for doing this work each and every day :)…The images and highly manipulated and the payloads are over exaggerated!…However, they are nicely done and a wonderful form of art work that should be enjoyed. Regards Mark


  2. So whimsical…I don’t get the social commentary so much but I’m glad I don’t need to because they are plain beautiful images. Cheers.


  3. We see so many overloaded ‘rickshaws’ in India, I think this sort of artwork is wonderfully creative and important at the same time


    • Interesting comment, because if you are able to read more about this artist’s thinking behind the series, he also thinks it makes an important point about the cultural accumulation of all those goods, and about the rickshaws that have to carry them, in order to serve the West. (Although he puts it much more eloquently than I just did, obviously)
      Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts.


      • I really must make the jump to Shanghai too. My father was born there, in 1908, when it was a British Protectorate … I’d love to see this pulsating, modern metropolis with my own eyes. Not in time for the exhibition though, but hopefully I’ll get a report back from one or other of my Shanghai-based readers!


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