Meryl McMaster: In-Between Worlds


Emerging Canadian artist Meryl McMaster focuses on resolving her bicultural Aboriginal-European heritage. She is both Cree and Scottish. Her new solo exhibition looks at how identities collide, merge and transform.




Colourful self-portraits insert the artist’s body into visual spaces that reflect both the inspiration that she felt during her time alone in nature and the sense of being between two worlds. Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto, where her solo exhibition of new work runs April 17 through June 1.


Meryl McMaster’s work goes beyond straight photography by incorporating manual production, performance and self-reflection to talk towards the ideas of identity, perception, myth, narrative, and the environment. From her bio as 2012 winner of the Charles Pachter Prize for Emerging Artists

meryl-headandshouldersMeryl McMaster is an Ontario-based artist and BFA graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University (2010). She is the recipient of various awards and scholarships including the Charles Pachter Prize for Emerging Artists, the Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship, the Canon Canada Prize, the OCAD Medal, and the Doris McCarthy Scholarship. McMaster was named Art Bank of Canada’s artist of the year 2012.


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