Painting the Movies: John Abrams

Canadian artist John Abrams translates the screen onto canvas, where he paints recreations of famous scenes – from seduction and love to mystery and terror.  (Above: North by Northwest, Bus – 2011)

In his series Painting Hitchcock, for instance, Abrams excerpts psychologically gripping scenes from a variety of the master of suspense’s films while overlaying the surfaces with paint smudging, splattering, speckled dots, or odd, playful designs and shapes. –Artspace (Above: Psycho, oil on panel 24 x 36″ )

To Catch a Thief, oil on panel, 18 x 24″

North by Northwest,  oil on panel, 24 x 36″

Abrams has had solo exhibitions at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, A Space Windows, Accolade West Gallery, and the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International, and other venues. His work has also been featured in group shows at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and the McMaster Museum of Art.

John Abrams website, here.



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  1. Funny how artists find a certain “space” to explore – this one incorporating another artist’s work. Helps me think in bigger ways. That’s Alfred himself in one of his famous cameos on top, isn’t it?


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