Succumbing to Sea & Sky

New York based artist Serge Hamad is best known as an activist who creates works to expose human-rights abuses, censorship, imprisonment, and persecution. But the Algeria-born Hamad makes room in his work for more light-hearted fare, including his Relax series of sun-soaked moments on Venice Beach.

A veteran war photographer and documentarian for European TV channels, Hamad has exhibited at the SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco, the Seyhoun Gallery, and other venues. His donated art was also auctioned at Christies London to endorse women‘s rights.

Serge Hamad’s website, here.

Serge Hamad on Artspace, here.

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  1. Because of the flatness and distance (I think that’s why) it took me to the 4th photo to be convinced they actually were real landscapes! Then that last blurry one or filtered one – love it! Pushing from the real to the abstract.


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