Urban Storytelling: Subway Flip Books


Toronto subways have a new platform for animated public art.  For the next two weeks, the Flip-Toronto project runs on Pattison OneStop’s LCD screens on Toronto Transit Commission subway platforms, showing  flip books created by eight artists about iconic city locales. The animation above, for example, shows Patrick Jenkins’ metamorphosis of the Old City Hall to New City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square.

Artists David Grenier, Aubrey Reeves, Alec Dempster, Cortney Stephenson, Mary Porter, Tania Ursomarzo, Patrick Jenkins, andLise Beaudry were asked to choose a specific neighborhood or location to portray in their flip-books of 60 pages – all without text or sound.


The project was inspired by Flip-Beirut, the successful flip-book project conceived and realized by the Lebanese publishing house Dar Onboz. Flip-Toronto is the second installation in what it’s hoped will become a multi-city initiative, under the umbrella title of Flip-City. The project is a collaboration of Circuit Gallery, Pattison Onestop, Art For Commuters (Toronto) and Dar Onboz (Beirut, Lebanon)


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