Cristina Cordova’s Extraordinary Sculptures

The Racine Art Museum debuts Cristina Cordova’s sculpture Tiempo sin Memoria (Time without Memory), which has just entered the museum’s collection.  There’s an excellent synopsis of Cordova’s background and an explanation of her work on the museum site. These are just a few examples of her stunning, elegant work.
  • All the images in this post are from Cristina Cordova’s endlessly fascinating website, here.

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  1. You know what – I think it’s the eyes that push those figures over the edge from sculpture to “human”. Most sculpture (that I’ve seen) of the human form retains the material for the eyes as well but she must have used glass?


    • So you get to see the Time Without Memory piece, cool. I agree with you about the eyes. They make the works more lifelike, for sure. Glass probably, yes. Great observations, thanks.


  2. So lifelike, despite obviously not alive. She really gets the human form. And they are at the RAM, so close to home (only half hour away)! I do love the RAM – it’s an awesome gallery and now I know I have to get down there soon. Thanks for posting!


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