Coffee House Culture: Wil Wong

Toronto illustrator Wil Wong has an eye for the culture of the urban coffee house, including each shop’s relationship with patrons and the street. These glimpses of life in the city’s bustling neighborhoods are as accurate as it gets. (Above: Rooster Cafe)

Wong often includes progress information, and details about his experiences, or the history, of a cafe.  Click on an image (or cutline link) to read his descriptions.  Above: 181 Dovercourt (Luna Cafe)

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Left: Wagamama Cafe /Right: Green Beanery

Moonbeam Cafe

All Things Tea

Left: Cafe Bernate  / Right: Te Aro

Wil Wong’s website, here.

On Flickr, here.

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  1. I really love the soft coloration, which gives this feeling of relaxation. It is true what Grace Addington proposed in “The September Issue”, that beautiful pictures do not always have to be pin-sharp and boldly saturated.

    I really like picture #2, in which the people behind the counters are not wearing uniforms. I think it makes the picture more “real” and personal (not that I hate Starbucks and its green apron.) I think the lady with the tattoo in the middle is very cool 😀


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